Friday, October 12, 2007

antonio's reference

[reference video]

Alright! Our first e-crit. Ok. Good job with the reference. There's a lot you can learn from it and there is an art to using it wisely. For starters, A-B and C-D are 2 takes on an anticipation to your animation. Repeating an anticipation makes it feel kinda cliched and vaudville. Just do an action once and keep it clear. E-F are a more minor anticipation but valid, as it's part of the casual walk in. The casual walk in is a good point in your animation to start to build character. I think you need to commit to what the character is feeling at this point. I know that seems a little new age, but if it's heavy, he might look more intentful. If he's cocky about it, maybe play up the more casual aspect- maybe walk around the is a good time to explore opions

Watch for the good details like in K where you can make your animation come alive, and figure out what happens after M. It seems like you have a great setup for either a good settle, a drop, or anything that shows the result of this buildup. At this point, i'd get it into maya and push those poses!

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