Tuesday, October 9, 2007

even more on cycles

After reviewing our final cycles, it seemed that people still had some issues with hitching feet. When polishing up your cycles, especially walks, go back and make sure your main curves are moving in a logical way. The feet in a walk move almost like a metronome, keeping an even beat. You can stylize the cycles through posing and timing of the in betweens (the Richard Williams book is pretty much a manual for creative in betweening), but the main Keyframes have to hit where there supposed to. The other note I wanted to mention is that if your extremes are too extreme, they can look a little poppy because there isn't enough time to allow for settling and follow through on things like the arms. Yes, you can go in and start offsetting curves, but generally the faster and easier way is to go back and dial down your extremes a bit to allow for the motion to finish.

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