Friday, October 5, 2007

elliot's blog

Since Jean-Denis started this instructor blog craze, I thought I'd turn you to a blog of the guy I sit next to, Elliot Roberts, a former Academy grad who has worked for Pixar, Blue Sky, Tippett, and ILM, and now and Animation Mentor. Listen to what he's saying about posing...he knows his stuff.

He references a great quote..
"As Ham Luske said:
"Your animation is only as good as your poses. You can have good timing, good overlapping action, and good follow through- but if your poses are not strong and to the point (telling the story) you do not have good animation.""

This is really important in considering your layouts. Many of you had issues in your cycles because you keyed the extremes of your poses at the end of the cycles, so that they felt a little robotic. I've found often in animation that revisiting your key poses can make your animation get to the next level. It's a lot more work trying to arrive at a weak pose rather than a strong one.

So to reiterate this week's assignment. In addition to blocking in your shots (with additional reference material), create a single pose that sums up your animation.

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