Tuesday, October 16, 2007

john's first pass

some rough posing notes to start with. i'll get into detail later on, but make each of the key moments of your scene clear. if you had to write down what your character was expressing at each point, what would it be? The first part seems clear, but the gear change towards the end could use some sharpening up, notably the 3'rd pose here before the end...that moment of realization i think. Also, echo your facial expression through the posing..he's very upright and central in this, get some rotation and twist into him. Look at the animation mentor showreel, the first piece with the 2 cavemen. The animator shows they're cavemen through body posture.

more to come...

ok..i made some general framing notes. also, you may want to have the camera looking off to the side to get a slightly more 3/4 view to get a bit more focus to the performance. right now it's very foreshortened, which isn't unworkable, but gives some posing challenges. In general, the posing is too upright - hopefully my notes are clear but push them further.

Regarding the overall piece..each section seems pretty workable but the floaty timing is making it hard to read the beats. The first part seems pretty good, but the pose goes static. maybe not have the trees go as far back so he seems like he's struggling to keep them pushed a bit..you don't have to, but could make a stronger moment. It seems like you're headed for a strong entrance, so push that further. maybe have the trees snap back after he pops forwards.

The jump needs some help..even a couple of more poses timed well will help. what kind of jump in is it..if it's angry, get some reference and act this part out, at least the landing. Because it transitions into a gorilla move, it might be good to make the landing more loping and animal-like.

I like the sniff, breathing and lean over..all good and clear. the next part, i'm not sure. is it fear? should he slowly continue backing away?

the penultimate moment (i like that word) is REALLY important here. how he gets to the next scene will make this piece..is it a slow dawning that it's a cute teddy bear? showing him slow to get it but having the lightbulb go off will add humor and drama.

so how. timing. pacing. reshuffle the timing on these moments and add more poses to make these moments stronger.

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