Friday, October 26, 2007

john's walk

i'm throwing in a few more comments since John did a bit more work on this since last i saw it, and since POLISH is a course goal - just a quick one, though.

John..really nice job with this and great pushing it to this stage. It was tricky, as it's basically a cycle and a variant all in one. It works well and the skip into the next stage is great. The one problem area is his right foot around frames 11-16 --it kinda decellerates and causes a bit of loss of weight. make sure the foot accellerates down into the plant (just like that bouncing ball)

the loop into the salute is good and a nice detail. the fingers wiggling are a bit much and muddies up that part of the action. I think it's enough that he's saluting. watch the knee pops at full extension (the back leg) - could probably be fixed with a little extra hip rotation. nice work. On your standard run, watch the arm delay..they hit a wall in front of his body rather than letting their momentum carry them forward a few more frames.

keep going on your prop piece though..