Tuesday, October 16, 2007

pochen's anim

Really nice work so far.

The one thing that will help this right now is pushing the timing further. I diagrammed this out into key poses since there aren't frame numbers on this.

Great from A to B...he seems very intent on what he's doing and has some attitude. For polish make sure you have a little animation on the fingers so the hand doesn't seem claw like..it can be stiff, but at least one pose change in the fingers, or even keeping them loose will help the gesture of dipping read.

From B to C..here he mixes some paint and starts painting...this whole section feels very evenly timed. watch things like the back arm moving at the same rate as the body...it makes him feel stiff. I think as far as timing, you may want to hold the moment of the gaze before painting by at least 10 frames, or introduce some kind of staggered pause there so this section has time to read before going into the next.

C to D
this is a crucial part of this anim and can give a lot of character. right now, it feels like the key poses are in the right spot, but you'll need to rework how he gets there. I think it's part the smoothness of the gesture and part offsetting..you might want to try the flourish happening with the elbow pointing out, lots of drag on the arm, some shoulder movement as well, followed by the head. Also, the pelvis is riveted in place..make sure it moves a little, both upwards and back. This is a kind of weight shift and will make your animation more alive and help with the subtleties.

D to E
this needs some help...slow it down, especially the arm. if you want to keep it fast, have some good in betweens, but watch him snapping back. There are a lot of forward back keyframes, and this is more of a quiet settle forwards...dampening the movement on this gesture will make the preceding one that much more entertaining.

F to G great. make sure you animate the hands/fingers on the way down..but very clear and well timed.

G to H. when you move the head, also move the neck and torso a little..it will help make the movement more naturalistic

H to I
get a good back leaning in between. this is a comic, snappy moment, which will necessitate a good in between to get into place faster. get the pelvis forwards first and rotate the body and head back so it arrives in a more dramatic way.

I to J
not finished, but i like where you're going

This will be a very strong piece..get the problem areas and end to the same level as the parts that work, and finess the important moments first.

Some fellow animators at work took a look over my shoulder...the unanimous consensus is the arm flipping back gets lost, so make that part read clearly as the first thing to fix. Also, as per the Eric Goldberg notes, 'juggle the timing' make sure there are enough pauses the make each part read clearly.

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