Wednesday, October 24, 2007

seung's animation

Seung is currently working on some dialogue pieces and I wanted to show this one as a great example of moving holds and sub-posing. The whole animation is essentially animated off of one good pose, which is my unofficial definition of a sub-pose; something that varies the pose a bit with smaller beats, but doesn't significantly alter the sillhouette.

Something was bugging me about this animation, so I imitated the pose and realized, I can't hit that pose without leaning onto the balls of my feet. I did a crude sketchover, which isn't entirely accurate, but it should get the idea across. For those of you animating sections off of a pose, make it a clear plausible pose, and something the character can convincingly hold for as long as it needs. I'll get into more detail on this animation when I can.


ANTAR said...

One thing I'll have to say is that that is one of those poses that girls can do that most guys can't. I remember having to stretch someone at the gym, LOL!

jeff said...

good note Antar...the animation does work well with the pose..I think what I may not have been clear about is maybe a lean forwards would add a bit of focus towards the plant and not as relaxed..worth exploring in any case.