Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Shogu's Anim

we went over this in detail in class....i put it up to show the good and bad points of stepped blocking. Also, Shogu did the most research for this shot and it shows in his blocking. The weight lift is very convincing..the pauses in the acting moments with the tailed ball work very well. The poses in the rock lift all work well and the timing is pretty solid for this stage of the animation.

The problems with stepped blocking often involve weight. The tough area of this shot is his pivot around to the running forward. Some areas are too fast, some too slow. When you find yourslf in this position, don't worry...that's why we do blocking...to solve these problems faster. Also, for weight shifts, I like to turn those sections to spline first, because it's much easier to see the weight and to fix weight problems. The quick fix...add more key poses and in betweens. When areas don't work, it's because the poses are off, the timing is off, or both (since they relate). So don't worry about wrecking what's working. Save a version off and make some bold moves and look at it. This is not the stage to be timid or to try to keep what isn't working.

In the end though, 1 weight problem for a complex piece isn't too bad...the acting and focus shift between both characters is very solid and sets the stage for a very entertaining piece.

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