Saturday, October 13, 2007

This week's assignment

Just to clarify, this week's assignment is to have the following:

1. first pass blocking, in maya, of your prop assignment, rendered 640x480 and posted to the drop folder by the start of class.

2. For this week and every week going forward, create a single pose that relates to your animation. This means a highly finished single pose render that either relates to your scene, sums up your scene, or is taken from your scene and refined. The more we study poses as a class, the stronger everyone's work will be.

3. Have a selection of audio clips for me to approve for your acting piece.

I realize there's a conflict with the pixar recruiting session on monday night (I believe it's for TD positions). Just let me know if you won't be attending class and email me your shots or a link to it and i'll critique it on this blog. 3 Weeks is NOT much time to do a good piece of pantomime well, so it's crucial to make good decisions well at each stage. I'm not a big believer in the 'layered' animation approach, meaning work in incomplete parts, building up to a finished pose. I am a big advocate of working general to specific, so having good clear decisions made at this stage and in maya is going to be essential this week. My grading has been fairly soft thus far, as I've been learning your process and capabilities (and because cycles are a very specific type of animation) but it will become more difficult now that we're getting into the guts of this course.

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Weston said...

Thanks for clarifying what you’re looking for from us. I think it’s awesome that you created this blog to open up the communication lines and for sharing extra tidbits! If I had had teachers as active as you have been I would be a lot father in my education. Thanks!