Thursday, November 1, 2007

golden poses

I stumbled upon this from one of the many animation mentor student blogs, who refers to these Bill Watterson comics as examples of the 'golden pose'

I wanted to mention this term..a lot of the old school disney animators use this to refer to a pose that communicates the essence of an animation. The key pose of all key poses in your scene, if you will.

This week there will be no pose assignment, as your shot planning should involve a LOT of thought into these poses. This means acting out your shots and planning out these main poses. I'm not really sure that these Calvin and Hobbes shots have actual golden poses in them..they're more useful to me as examples of stellar composition (in the above look at how the signs arc over leading you right to Calvin).

I will encourage all of you to sketch out your poses..even if the drawings are crude. Crude is fine. To me, there's something to separating the process out of posing the model in maya, which is a technical exercise, from really thinking about your posing.

Like the prop's much easier to animate into a strong pose. I'll try to dig up some good thumbnails of shot planning, but look at that Eric Goldberg pdf for reference. He has loads of useful tips.

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