Thursday, November 8, 2007

killer bean forever

This is pretty inspiring stuff. Jeff Lew, an animator who got his start animating shorts in Animation:Master, back before everyone had access to higher end 3d packages went on to have a successful career, then dropped off of the planet for a few years to make a...well, I can't say short since it's 85 minutes. That's right...a feature.

Check out the trailer though, and note how restrained much of the animation is. He really knows when to stylize things in both a fantastic way, and towards realism. Love that initial walk in.


Anonymous said...

Another reason why his animation is a bit naturalistic is because he uses the Straight Ahead method of animation and hardly does Pose to Pose animation.
I saw his workflow in his animation dvds.


ANTAR said...

Oh s#!t, this looks great. I want to achieve that kind of effort for a feature. Jeff, you got 5 weeks to make me great, LOL!