Wednesday, November 28, 2007

making the tough decisions...

More on the subject of polish. Many of you are frustrated that your progress after the blocking stage has been slow.

This is perfectly normal in the world of animation. However, there are reasons why. Many of you are started to smooth out curves, fix your wrist arcs, all of which is well and good. There's many ways to get to finish, but the MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do is to retain what's working and strengthen it. Continue to refine your storytelling poses and improve them. Really nail those breakdown frames. Save off versions and work in 30 frames at a time if an area just isn't working out. The biggest problem I've seen so far is in overall timing, which leads me back to the old classic:


if you're spending hours trying to figure out how long it takes a character to pick up a cup, grab yourself a webcam, or cellphone, and observe. sometimes the littlest details you pick up make all the difference in that whole illusion of life thing.

The other thing I'd challenge you all to do is to really study your poses. If they seem too hammy or broad, you can often achieve the same idea with a less descriptive pose (i.e. finger pointing, hand stretched out) by acting it out and seeing if you can make the pose feel more naturalistic (often subtle things, body posture, contrapasto, etc)

Also, we only have a few more weeks of class time left. For those of you in your last term, I'm more than happy to look at your reels or work you're considering putting on them. I'd also like everyone to collect the work you've done this term and bring in playblasts and/or maya files of your work thus far. For the playblasts, remember, 640x480 with some kind of compression, at least cinepack or quicktime.

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