Saturday, November 3, 2007

olesugen's prop piece, week 4

This was rendered without frame numbers, but I believe you can download this as an mp4 from google video and look at it in quicktime.

This will take a while to crit, so I'll get back to this later are some main points to get you going...

1. first 4 seconds. main character wobbles back and forth in an even way..less motion is better than wrong motion. I would cut this back a bit and get a good moving hold on it.

2. First take. too snappy for the poses you've established. I'll get into snappy motion later, but basically, going from subtle pose to subtle pose can't really have an ice age style speed of transition.

3. Anticipation into the jump. Still not working. It's too fast and feels to awkward. When in doubt with physical pieces, video yourself and draw from it. Even Tom and Jerry cartoons, which are prone to exaggeration, have a solid foundation of weight underneath the character. It's the pivot off of the front foot that kills the motion for me.

4. Jump is ok, but the timing is uneven on it, which kills the weight on it. also, the fact that he remains hunched over makes the motion feel stilted.

5. Lift. the up and down isn't working...a slow steady pull back timed well is all you need. repeated key poses make motion seem robotic.

6. initial lift is ok, but gets hitchy...his foot really far forwards then popping back feels a little unconvincing. lifting something heavy, your feet tend towards staying under the body as much as possible. the off balance pose looks like an anticipation pose to a fall right now.

7. lean forward. rotates only on the pelvis. i think the pelvis needs to settle backwards more to make it not look as much like a pivot.

8. last fall. accellerate into it. right now it slows down making him seem like he's putting it down carefully. slam that down!!!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the feedback
I'll keep working on it.

Anonymous said...

I spent some time rethinking some of the choices i made earler esp the first 6-8secs of the animation.
I'll show you what i have in class,
i don't want to overload your email with video files.
Thanks again.


jeff said...

that's ok..make sure you get going on the dialogue piece though as well...i don't mind you working on pieces concurrently as long as you make time for both..the last several weeks of class will be left for personal work, so you'll have more time on this if you choose.