Monday, November 19, 2007

This Week's Work

Just to be clear, today is the last official day on the dialogue shot. Starting next week, the assignment is to do a personal piece for the remainder of term, so bring all ideas for approval.

For those that have missed assignments now is the time to get a game plan to finish them up.

To clarify grading in this course we'll have 4 categories which will each count as a quarter of your grade

walk/run (count as one exercise)
prop piece
acting piece
personal piece

Within the personal piece, pending my approval you can go back and continue on with older assignments. In addition to that, I'll have some 2 week exercises to suggest for those who want to do more polish on your older assignments but don't wish to spend a month on them. For those who missed assignments and would like to pull that section up from an F, now is the time to finish those assignments.

Additional factors that go into grading are attendance, effort, and rate of improvement. Some of you took on assignments that didn't work out as well as you might have liked, but those that did a lot of research and planning, as well as extensive rework, get points for it. Developing a process of animating as well as learning how to go back and rework your animations effectively is as important.

One tip I'd like to offer concerns the many corrupt files people have had. Get a separate gmail account (which has about 5 gigs of storage) and email yourself your homework the day before class. It's like a free backup drive and you can access it anywhere. Things happen, but use what technology you can to your advantage.

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