Monday, November 5, 2007

useful article

Useful article regarding those tricky breakdown frames.


ANTAR said...

I always thought you had to put the overlap in later (spaghetti box), but I guess you can get great overlap in the pose to pose. It's the same thing you've been telling us in class. I'm glad I looked at this great tutorial.

jeff said...

my take on the whole 'layered' approach is that it's a valid method, but it takes a lot of experience to work that way, and it lends itself to certain kinds of animation. I've found you have animations that are more editable and easier to retime and refine by really just keying in the entire pose as completely as possible at each stage. The polish stage takes a long time no matter what your methodology, and that's where the graph editor comes into play, but you can get there faster by being disciplined about your main poses.