Sunday, November 25, 2007

week 12

Time is flying by. Just a reminder...I will be accepting makeup work over the next few weeks for those that have missed assignments. Thus far, no one is doing a new assignment for the final project, so I'll be expecting a high level of polish to your pieces. It's perfectly ok to be working on older assignments, just make sure you're putting in the appropriate amount of work to take these to the next level.

The venerable Andrew Gordon has a 30 minute rule, or, helpful suggestion. If you're not making much progress or are too worried that you're going to ruin your shot by changing it, it probably means your decision making ability is hampered by fear. So be bold - If you have weight issues, save some main keyframes and just go to town.

chances are carving back into it with a fresh eye will help.

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Ed Ko said...

couldn't agree more.