Wednesday, December 12, 2007

the last week

Instead of my usual rant about strong posing and solid breakdowns (that's all I ever say, isn't it), take a step back from your shots this week and really look at what's good about them. It's easy to lose heart and mess up your shot in the later stages by not really thinking about it and just adding in more detail and motion.

Antar raised a good point last week when he mentioned his shot didn't seem to change all that much after a certain point. This is a pretty common occurence in animation, but mostly it happens for all of us because we're afraid of messing up what's working and replacing it with worse animation.

Here's a couple of things to think about at this polish stage.
1. save a new version. This way you're covered if you hose your file
2. play to your strengths. look at what's working, and push it further. if the character turns and makes an arm gesture to make his point, explore the timing on it...does the moving hold need to be pushed? Does the gesture need to be snappier? Does the gesture that follows it need to be minimized to make it read in a stronger way?
3. There Are No Laters. That hitch that's been there for the last two weeks. Get it out! It's just confusing your ability to see your scene clearly. If there's a wobbly weight shift, err on the side of smoothness and fluidity even if it's a little drifty. If you see something that's clearly a mistake, attend to it. if there's interpenetration, fix it!
4. the 'right' kind of detail. Look at the arcs on the hands. the head. adjust the arms and spine to make them sing. look at your hand poses. if your hand is that same mittenlike claw the whole way through, break it up with some better posing. do the fingers need to bend on a passing pose?

these are a few points, but take what's working and improve upon it. take those important moments in your shot and make them even better.

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