Monday, December 3, 2007

olesegun, week 13

ok...time is short, so i'll get right to what I see as the big moments to fix..

i'm not crazy about the first second - i get the idea but i think the reaching pose is a little cliched right now...i would shave 15 frames off and revise it so it looks a little more natural (maybe reach with one hand) show some more face and make it about a sense of excitement at having a turn.

i like the pushing him away, but it feels like that section comes in a little early. I think you need to push your blocking a little more so you get some clarification in your breakdowns. You do it well from 142-160...i would try to maintain that clarity in blocking through the rest of your piece.

also, with the non-wheel holding guy, from around 195 onwards, you have him start to sulk, changing his body language a bit which will provide a nice contrast to driver.

In general, get those breakdown frames in! A lot of this action works well as far as posing goes, but there is a lot of fast action that will have to be retimed to match the pace of the piece.

109-125 has a lot of good timing and posing, even though it's more subtle. just keep exploring your breakdowns and you'll get into this faster.

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thanks Jeff,
I'll see you in class.