Tuesday, January 15, 2008

gimble lock...another perspective

I was just chatting with TJ about workflow. Every animator seems to have their own method of working. I'm partial to working in gimble mode exclusively because I like the control it gives me over the curves, but the link above has a good counter argument. Plenty of fantastic animators never worry about the curves except for the final stages of their anim.

There are no wrong ways to work if it gets you to your goal. You can work linear, spline, stepped, or plateau - it's all just process, and it's easy to focus on tools and tricks. Ultimately with animation, there are no tricks. Animation is HARD. It's about continuously training your eye and making creative decisions, and challenging your weak ones.

If it starts to feel easy, you aren't working hard enough and thinking it through.

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TJ Phan said...

Amen to that Jeff! I totally agree that in the end, what's on screen is what really matters.

But it's always fun to talk about workflow!

I'll try to get a post up in a few weeks regarding all of the weird habits I go through when sweatin' through an animation. Wait!--DMC 4 comes out in a few weeks...