Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Olesegun, 1 more..

I didn't have time to playblast this, so time for a rule, new class.

If you'd like an online crit, which I'm more than happy to oblige on, time permitting, I'll need you to post both a jpg preview and link to your animation file. Use compression, quicktime sorenson or h.264 is ideal WITH a frame counter (use the frameDisplay.mel I sent you guys). Or get yourself a gmail account and post to google video and send me the link. But don't rely on me to open your file, playblast it, compress it to quicktime, and post it to google video. I've done that in the past, but I'll be pretty involved at work this term (those of you who work in the field will learn about mandatory 'crunch' ) and won't have time to do this for you.

Back to the anim...I pulled this out of a static cycle and added forward translation to it. Here are a few main problems. I'm only addressing the side view, as most of the issues can be seen here.

1. too much up/down on the pelvis. You can do a lot of up and down in something very stylized, but stylization has to bow to the tenets of naturalism, so, too high here.
2. sloppy arcs on the pelvis...rather than a gradual ascent and a quick fall, there's hitches, and ease in on both ends.
3. arcs of the feet. look at a richard williams diagram and see the curve the feet take. make it more like that.
4. start pose. too extended. it looks like the forward foot should be about to contact here, not actually making contact.
5. spine. no forward back wavelike motion. It's in a very rigid pose and remains that way.
6. rigid posing in general. the neck is straight up the body posture is straight...it's hard to get character without a defined pose.

it's improving, so don't lose heart...just go back and start hammering on the mechanics!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Jeff.
I actually added the rotation to of the torso in side view, but i later scaled the curves down because it was beginning to look too funky. 'Guess i'll have to try it again.
cheers and good luck with the semester,