Friday, January 25, 2008

olesugen - ball bounce

Olesugen asked me to take a look at his ball bounce animation. First off, good for you for going back to the bouncing're never too good for these exercises. It's pretty good, but 2 things.
1. be really careful with your mass. stretching shapes in animation were designed as a way of essentially imitating motion blur and to achieve fluidity. On a ball bounce, only stretch it as it hits maximum accelleration.
2. watch the arcs..on the end, especially the arcs have some unintentional ease in/out. and keep the residual motion going! That's the main ingredient in a moving hold


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jeff.
I'll get right to work on it now.

jeff said...

i haven't forgotten about your walk...just been super busy.

Anonymous said...

I was starting to panic.
Best of luck with your work.