Monday, January 14, 2008

Olusegun, more crits

very fast crit for the z placement of the feet. poses where the pelvis is balanced too far back mean the feet (or pelvis) is off for the whole animation. globally move the pelvis forwards a bit on this one and lower it a hair and see how it feels. remember. on a generic walk, think of the principle of the feet being a metronome. you can do things like move the z forwards and back in an ellipse, but it's always on the falling downwards to the step. to be safe though, keep the Z movement still and balanced with the feet and if you want to add a bit more of a loping stride, add it in later. but keep the z of the feet and y of the pelvis working as a tight, elegant unit and the rest will fall into place.

ok..took a look at your file...i would say at this point, go back to the walk cycle pdf i handed out the first week of class and nail down 3 main things.
1. pelvis y movement.
2. z of the feet
3. wavelike motion of the spine.

when animators talk about working in a layered approach, it basically means nail down the most important nodes in the rig and work your way out. there's many ways one can animate an arm in a walk, but if the overall rhythm of the pelvis is off, all your arm motion will be wrong. let's look at your pelvis curve for a start..

remember...(and the richard williams book has tons of clear reference for this)
after the plant of the foot, quick fall and slow rise. right now you have an ease in to the top of the curve, which can be ok if you're careful with it, but the bottom is the killer...not only is there a hitch in the curve, but you slow down and stay down at the bottom point.

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thanks for the critiques Jeff.