Friday, January 18, 2008

read more comics (push that pose)

I put this up as a note about reference. Find it wherever you can. I find modern comics pretty inspiring as animation reference because it's ALL about pushed poses and great line of action. With the trend towards realism, it's important to still push your animation as far as you can, starting with the pose. As always, it's all about the pose.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for adding my page to your links section.
Take care,

TJ Phan said...

Haha, often you're titles are worth a thousands words Coop (Game Animtion 5 - Own Every Frame comes to mind). It's always good to be reminded to push that pose!

I always go back to DMC, but if you ever go frame-by-frame through some of those gameplay vids, you'll find another great example.

jeff said... always comes back to DMC. It's pretty much the perfect combination of realism and stylized anime derived animation style..
slight anticipation, quick action with super clear arcs, and nice long recoveries to show the effect of a quick strike...hard to find fault in any of it.