Monday, January 7, 2008

seung's site

Seung posted a link to his site, so I'm linking to it...

Even though class is over, 2008 is upon us, now that I have heat and power back, I'll start the new year with some ramblings about sites and self promotion...

Here's my take on a website. The purpose is to deliver information as effectively as possible. Keep your layouts clear and I generally think it's good to have links that you can download. Lately quicktime has had some bugs where it just crashes all browsers unless you disable certain quicktime features.

Also, It's nice to post links to various animations you're proud of..keep those limited to ones that really shine, unless you want to do a progression. But it is a good idea to have a cycle or two up, a weight piece, some acting. There's no wrong answer as far as what to put on a site...some people will say keep just a link to a solid demo reel and have extra work in your back pocket, some will say have a variety of clips. I'd just say have some links, a link to your resume in .doc AND html format.

All for now..

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