Wednesday, January 30, 2008

tip of the day...phantomWindow

quick tip of the day...either via email or in the student drop folder this week, I'll have some mel scripts for you. As we're starting with cycles, arc checking tools are invaluable. The riggers gave me a ghost type character to animate completely in FK. A good animator never complains about the tools, and the beauty of FK is that you can brute force your way through any situation. It is, however hard to make it fluid unless you eventually touch every frame. Here, I grabbed the geometry and baked out 'phantoms' using Jeremy Cantor's handy tool, phantomWindow.mel, in order to get more fluidity to this animation (looks like I have my work cut out for me). Grab norman's foot or hand (works best on extremeties) and hit it!

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Weston said...

I like this tools multi-color ghosting effect. Looking forward to putting this tool to some good use. Thanks Jeff!