Monday, February 11, 2008

andrew's zombie walk/somnambulist

ok..pretty good start!
for starters, let's talk acting.
it seems like you have 2 routes...zombie, or sleepwalker.
right now, it's more of a zombie because of the heavy strides, speed of the walk, and the fact that the eyes are open and head pretty alert.

so let's talk mechanical things. here's a few things i'm noticing right off the bat.

  • watch the arcs/foot movement towards the rear (around 4-5, for example..gets kinda static, loses momentum)
  • watch the straight leg (f18) - have more of an anticipation to plant.
  • from 3-8...have more offsetting of both the spine and the arms. traditionally, zombies keep their arms outstretched as much as possible to be in that prime, brain grabbing position. also, having them just move with the torso is less interesting animation. offset the elbows and biceps, and for extra zombie goodness, have the hands flop at the base of the compression (or just after)
  • face. facial expression is important'll want to have a clear facial pose that communicates what's going on with this character. if he's a zombie, then maybe his head should be tilted. if he's a sleepwalker, then he should look asleep. if he is asleep, then maybe don't have as much rocking back and forth and have him slumped more forwards in it.
i'll look a little more later, but all for now...

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