Sunday, February 10, 2008

brent's run

props to Brent for starting over.

it's actually pretty good...i'll follow up with a more detailed crit later, but for starters, you need to not have the spine rock back and forth so much...counter the forward back rotations with one of the spine joints (z rotation) to give the effect of compression rather than rocking.

some notes...

  • watch the head bobbing..keep it fixed more in place..
  • watch your spine curves. Note the spike in the's adding a hitch to the shoulder rotations and overall side to side rotation.
  • watch the spine in general. look again at some reference and think about how fast this character is going. a rule of thumb; the faster you move the less forward back there is. there is some, but it's more subtle. what i would do right away is to go to your breakdown frames (i.e. try frame 4, spine c at 18.353) and counter the rotations of the pelvis area so your spine feels relatively static, but has some compression going on after the landing
  • the arms. way too much motion for such a short cycle pay attention to the elbows especially and think how much hang time there is on the extremes.
  • feet. pretty good rhythm to it, but it can help to have that pounding downwards. and for convenience, a shallower arc in the front means less knee pops.

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