Saturday, February 23, 2008

brent's run

good work brent. Your walk is more polished than your run at this stage, but the run is actually pretty solid..i imported it in to a scene and worked on a version of it...i actually didn't do anything other than push your curves a bit further. I spent about 15 min on it, so my example isn't meant as a super polished thing, just pushed a bit.
Here's what i did.

  • fixed the wobble of the pole vectors.
  • offset the z curves of the spine. increased the down position so there's more of a cushion.
  • rotated the neck out a bit
  • more up and down (y) of the pelvis. offset the curve 2 frames
  • more of a snap of the feet - the feet need some overall curve adjustment/spacing issues.
  • offsetting of the clavicles
  • reposing of the arms, hold the elbows up a bit longer to make them less poppy.
  • more side to side (X) movement of the pelvis. in yours there isn't any. rotation of the lower spine bone to compensate.
again, quick tweaks...your mechanics are all there, just keep pushing them. the direction I took was just one of many..i pushed it more in the realm of a heavy jog, but there's more than one way to take this. My feet aren't working terribly well - the run is a little flat footed and a little hitchy, so watch the extension in the front to make it seem like a better plant rather than softening into it.

this is the odd thing with can keep pushing them and have them come together at the later stages.

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