Tuesday, February 12, 2008

double bounce walk

some good notes from john K. including a breakdown of the double bounce walk.

I always advise students to not jump right into the richard williams book and start copying frames. The knees always pop and ugly things happen unless you know exactly what's going on with the entire dynamic of a cycle.

This john k stuff focusses more on beats and rhythms rather than curves and I wanted to mention it, as this older cartoony stuff focuses both on mechanics and beats. the cartooniness on the frog walk here happens because of the timing and timing to the music more than through extreme posing.

If you're doing something cartoony, ask yourself what 'cartoony' means and in what way is it cartoony. That's a big open ended question I won't attempt to answer right now.

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Steve Masuda said...

Awesome notes! Thanks for the post Jeff