Saturday, February 23, 2008

karen's blocking

looks pretty good so far. What I'd suggest right off the bat are a few things.

  • sillhouette. spread the feet out so the character isn't so side will help you with weight shifts. get a little more rotation in the torso as well
  • pay attention to the cropping of the really matters on these pieces as far as the scale of the character in the frame.
  • it's good blocking! now push your poses and add some stronger breakdowns. in the first part, when he's holding on, getting ready, he's there for a while...have him build on the anticipation with something like a weight shift. a single pose in the right place will help add interest, and strengthen the idea that the character is gearing up.
  • on the push up, play with the posing and timing so it's very slow at the beginning and faster as he gets to the top. also, pay attention to the lean of the're keeping him pretty upright and a curve reversal at one point might really help this. (see diagram). at the high points, watch the position of the feet/ can move a foot forwards to anticipate the push, or keep both back making the line of the body a steeper angle to make the tire seem heavier.
  • I like the snappy movement style you have seems like there's a struggle going on, then neds with a nice relaxed confident strut back done in a more naturalistic way...these are good acting moments to play up as far as contrast goes.. with the final push, make sure you have more settle after the launch forwards.

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