Wednesday, February 27, 2008

pimpin' with steve

looking good! it's fun and I like how Norman is decked out in his finery.
A few things...

in opening the maya file..

the double bounce curves aren't working right now because the bounce isn't echoed by the rest of the body.

the angle of the pelvis is rotated forward/back the opposite way

i like the arm motion, but it seems like the constant wave is a bit much..i would save the cycle and add that in every third or 4th repition of it.

a bit uneven on the x translation of the pelvis, and i think too far over on one side

the feet hang a little long in the air before planting. i think they can be more casual by jutting out almost at extension, then planting down.

good overlap all in all...just make the rest of the animation more fluid to match up with overall rhythm you've established.

also, i notice the pole vectors are parented to the feet. if this was one of the normans I gave you, let me know...i think i set up a space switch for one of them.. the solution here is to unparent them from the feet to eliminate the knee jitter.

great attitude to this one and very entertaining..

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