Saturday, February 9, 2008

torso rotations on a walk

ok..back to andy's question on the interplay of all these elements.

This stumped me a bit, as I tend to use a lot of ik/fk spines and use translation to get the effect of that wavelike motion going on in the spine. it's a lot easier, as you can loosen up a walk by just adjusting the translates on 2 nodes.

you can grab this file HERE

This is a pretty simplified cycle. you'll notice there are 3. The first row, box A was grabbed from an existing walk [a] , and the curves exaggerated just so we can see what's going on. the second set [b] simply used offset keys and I slide them around until it looked right. verion [c] baked the offset curves back to the timeline. I'm not holding this up as the bible of all spines in a cycle - merely a way into evaluating how a bunch of complex elements work together

again, the motion here is exaggerated and pretty bouncy, but as long as these elements are all working as an interconnected group, you can tweak the curves a bit to get various bits of character into your cycle.

Again, this is a very procedural way to work and not always your best option. Setting main poses and breakdowns and building up to fluid curves is valid...this just offers one type of worklow to put in your process bank.

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