Wednesday, February 13, 2008

turok creature reel

for those of you wondering what to put on a game reel, good motion always works! These are cinematic triggered events, but some nice motion!

Also, FLIP is a really nice animation blog.


TJ Phan said...

I agree. Awesome animation and a very nice blog!

jeff said...

but still, he's no TJ!

TJ Phan said...

haha! this guy's WAY better. the turok reel blew me away! i have to find a way to download it!

- Tim - said...

"These are cinematic triggered events, but some nice motion!"

Actually, Cameron says it's all in-game stuff, not cinematics. However, he has done a great job spicing the shots up for his reel. They probably look way better this way, with the cinematic camera and the motion blur, than they did in the actual game.

TJ: if you notice at the bottom of the post on Flip there is a link to download a .mov of it from megaupload. For similar things in the future you could always use Firefox add-ons like "unplug" or "downThemAll" to download embedded videos.

Frankly Cameron and TJ are both awesome, but TJ's still my hero because his stuff looks so fun.

jeff said...

"All the animations are in-game events"

that could mean triggered event or gameplay work we were trying to figure out if these could be in-game animations. if so, good job Cameron and the Propoganda team..due the restrictions of gameplay, I have my doubts that they're actual in game animations.

Thanks for chiming in though Tim! You make some great points. I totally agree that the camera really showcases these anims in a much more flattering way than the dread overhead, semi-orthagonal camera.

Cameron Fielding said...

guys, I just wanted to jump in here.. ( did a backtrack through my statcounter and found this page ;) )

the turok animations on the reel are both cinematic AND gameplay.. yeah weird I know but this is how it works...

you run around seeing things from a first person perspective ( its an FPS after all ) then at certain moments, if youre within range of a creature ( say the Lurker ) and you meet a set of requirements ( player health and health of Lurker ) the creature will "Jump" you and you see the animation from a 3rd person perspective ( the same cameras i rendered on the reel )... the big difference is that you can also see the same thing happen to someone else... so you get to see the whole thing from any angle from your same first person camera view.

The cineatic cut away was designed to add a "cinematic feel" haha.. but also as part of gameplay because you could win or lose the struggle depending on a button mash mechanism ( which wasnt the best thing to be honest )