Wednesday, February 6, 2008

who's in this class, anyway

Ok, as I suspected, I scared off a bunch of you already. (Just wait, you thought the run cycle was technical, wait until we get to the walk!)

Here's the current list of enrolled students..

Cannon Margot
Gonzales Anthony
Jentzsch Brent
Kwak Youn Joung
Lee Joseph
Lee Jung Oh
Lee Sung Kil
Ly Steven
Mao Jacqueline
Masuda Stevin
Oh Jae-Yoon
Quintana Christopher
Schaffert Weston
Taylor Joseph
Villegas Edward

If you think you should on this list, now is the time to speak up. There were a few students trying to get in last week when it was overbooked, so contact your people and get the gears in motion...


Brent said...

Hey Jeff, do you know what room we are going to be in tomorrow night?

jeff said...

good question.

i'll try to find out...with a reduced class size, we may be in the same room as before. if you find out before me, let me know.