Tuesday, February 5, 2008

youn joung's ball bounce

Our one sick student emailed in some work...thanks for that. A reminder...no 2000 pixel wide ball bounces in the future. Also, I don't have time to upload everyone's work, so send in a link or host it to google video and send the html embed code (i prefer google video to youtube or other flash video sites because it allows you to download an .mp4 file and view it in quicktime.

Ok. since I don't have the maya file, I can't use my phantomWindow trick..here's a few things I noticed, however.

  • force. the ball pops out like being shot out of a cannon. unless you have a cannon (which is legal, you can model one, but not really the point of this particular exercise :) have a more natural accelleration. You can extend the geometry so the ball goes down a hill and gathers speed, but right now i'm not buying the initial trajectory (see yellow line)
  • spacing. basically, not enough accelleration (see blue sketch)
  • stretch. This relates to the spacing. stretch and squash should be FELT, so be very subtle about how you get into them. If used improperly, it actually draws attention to your transitions rather than allows them to be more fluid.
all for now..

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