Friday, March 14, 2008

brent's new audio clip/posing

Brent asked about an audio clip which appears to be from the princess bride. good for you for posting some poses for me to rip apart! the sound clip is a little noisy, so maybe normalize it if you can for clarity and add some padding to the end.

for starters, this goes for everyone...

don't overcontextualize these pieces. context is good, but don't make it seem like you're trying too hard. they don't all need a clever twist. more often than not, playing it straight and adding the right kind of subtleties is what makes demo reels stand out.

ok for starters, let's look at your staging. in my paintover look how upright your characters are. i posted a similar shot from a bugs life just to see how even simple characters can be posed dynamically. the perspective is a little weird, and we see way too much of the background. so crop in to where it looks good, unless you're using all the space to walk on or offscreen.

i think you mentioned you want the guy whom the gun is pointed at to be scrambling around for an object. keep him passive. the guy with the gun has all the power, and there can be a real power to making a good reaction shot. show some contrast in these guys!

hope that's of help.

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Brent said...

thanks for getting back to me so quickly on this Jeff. You're right about the context thing as well. Your thumbnail that of the repose was a little hard to read, but the overall gesture of the characters I get. I think I'll watch that scene Bug's Life now for better reference. It was a quick pose, so I appreciate you breaking it down for me. Thanks again.