Thursday, March 20, 2008

jean denis gets a gold star for his blogging ability

Just head on over for a wealth of info, that all pertain to your current work.

stephen gregory's class blog
Some useful notes about walk cycles, and pretty much the opposite of how I taught them. I, for the most part flooded you with detailed information about curves, how long the pelvis hangs over the each foot, etc. I really intend those notes to be used to go in later and refine your cycles. These aren't useful for anything other than looping cycles and as a way of really pushing your critical eye. Andrew and Stephen make some really valid points about learning by figuring it out through doing. I once had a teacher who said that, really, all art is self taught, and there is something to that. That being said, going back and studying the structure is valid...I don't start with a loose set of curves when I do a walk..I pose out the main key poses and make it as strong as possible. It's only in the later stage of detailing it out do I use the curves to enhance the look and fluidity of it. At some point I'll put up my quadraped walk demo which should clarify some of my rantings.

Carlos Baena's notes of facial expression
best quote ever on facial

"Just because your character is upset or angry, doesn't mean that you should have an upset or angry expression. Sometimes a character that's so upset or sad that can't even handle their feelings, they display emotions through laughter or smile."

This is so true. Having the character react in an obvious way makes for an obvious performance. If a character is hearing bad news and goes right into the classic frown, you lose the opportunity to show the news settling in. Any opportunity to show a character thinking is useful.

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