Tuesday, March 4, 2008

live action reference - steve buscemi

Steve Buscemi is one of those actors whose skill is hard to pin down - his delivery is always entertaining, but he's also fantastic at adding a lot of the subtleties that happen within a key pose. (not that we have key poses in real life, but below, I broke down what could be construed as key poses)

Look at his entrance in...he enters completely hunched over and transitions into a nervous pace. Gestures like hand wringing can feel cliched if you aren't careful with them, but he moves in and out of these actions is interesting - he doesn't linger on anything long enough to warrant true distraction, and it's clear he's aware of the situation in the foreground.

I also did a quick paintover to reinforce the importance of composition in your shots. It's useful to grab frames from movies and see how shot is set up. Too much dead space and you lose touch with your character. Even in the blobby sketch i did, note how clear the foreground/background relationship between the characters is, and how your eye is led around the frame through the angles of the heads.

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