Friday, March 7, 2008

lost my backups..

Slight snafu last night. Due to my overtired state (don't ask me about work hours in the game industry), I left both of my flash drives at school last night and am not sure if I'll be able to recover them.

I'll need everyone to resend me the final versions of the work you've done so far this term so I can do your midterm grades.

Don't worry about the maya files..just playblasts of your walk, run, and prop piece so far, as well as jpgs of your pose sketches.

Actually, do include your maya files for your latest prop piece and I'll try to squeeze in additional crits if I can.

If anyone can check for my flash drives (one white, on silver) that would be super helpful.

The one thing I got out of last night's class for many of you involves some confusion about the best way to lay out your animations. I'm going to do a demo next week to show one way of blocking out your shots in a flexible, editable way. There's not a lot to it other than posing your key poses and enough breakdowns to make it read, but I'll get into it..


Weston said...

Ouch, Sorry to hear about your drives. Hopefully someone honest comes across them and turns them in. In any case, if they are turned in they end up I think at security on the first floor or maybe on the third floor lab receptionists desk. Good luck.

Margot Elyse said...

Hey! I checked at the front desk, and they've currently got 4 USB drives in that lost and found alone.
1) Black with GeekSquad on it.
2)SanDisk, attached to a key and a leather thing.
3)SanDisk "cruzer micro"
4)64MB light grey plastic. Worn off scanbar, missing cap.

If none of these are them, I'll ask at the other l&f's


jeff said...

thanks for checking margot..

it's a white 4g with no cap and a gray 512..

thanks again..