Wednesday, March 5, 2008

quick norman tutorial - space switching

I put up a couple of normans I and These are basically the same but with extra nodes for attaching props to the prop version of norman. I wanted to quickly go over a feature I added using some off the shelf switching, essentially an extra node that simulates on the fly parenting. There's many uses for it, but here's a handy one.

say you have a pole vector 'parented' to the foot and you'd like to free it up to world space. Or maybe your character is moving around a lot and you don't want to have to animate as much. Note the parent attribute. This simulates parenting the node to other parts of the rig. This tutorial deals more about repurposing a pose, you could use the script copyTransf.mel to do this over a series of keyframes.

Start with the pose you'd like to hold. if you want to animate a switch, like picking up a prop, animate on the key before the one you'd like to transition. Using my buddy sean's handy snWorldSpaceTool (a pose clipboard), copy the location.

go to the parent attribute and switch it. Often there will be a pop.

click paste and you're good to go. You've switched a space.

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