Tuesday, March 11, 2008

raphael suter's weight test

Jean-Denis went hog wild with the posts today. Some great links (I just wanted to use the phrase hog wild)

Weston Schaffert...this link is for you. Think about the kind of details it takes to show effort.

Raphael has some great work on his site.

He also posted a bunch of image from my friend Jonathan Paine's site.

Jonathan is in that insanely talented category of artist...I love his bugs bunny sculpt, which he did from observing the chuck jones cartoon.


Weston said...

Awesome, thanks Jeff! I am going to work on my shot alot tonight so this is great. Thanks for the post.

Weston said...

You weren't kidding when you said your friend was "Insanely talented." He is an incredible artist. Very Inspiring.

Speaking of modeling...

I am creating some 3D Models of succulents for my Art of Science Class and was wondering if you have come across a good way to create QTVR files from Maya. My Google search yielded minimal results.

Thanks for your post!

jeff said...

not sure wes...that starts to hit the level of tech i don't dabble in too often.