Tuesday, March 4, 2008

sungkil run

a couple of things. a lot of this is just a reiteration of what i said in class. i'm not sure how much you've changed it, but the changes are pretty minor.

  • go over my checklist of things to watch on a run. these include rotation of the hips and torso. wavelike motion of the torso. arc of the feet. rigid posing. too much motion in too short a time. this animation has issues in all of these areas.
  • the start pose you have is more like the second pose in the williams sequence. its tricky starting a cycle in the air, but if you do, you need to come down harder.
  • overall pose. it's very upright. if you pick up a gun or any long object and run, your body naturally turns a little bit as you support it more towards one side. there's almost no forward rotation to the body or twist to the torso, giving it a stiff appearance.
  • neck is upright. makes for a less appealing pose.
  • torso moves forward and back really fast over 12 frames...stay pretty much in one pose and animate the compression and overlap around the contact point.
  • no hip rotation forwards and back.
  • go back and look over the cycle notes and cycle footage we did.
  • from the front there's very little x movement. a little x movement with the torso rotating inwards to keep the center of gravity will make a world of difference.

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