Monday, April 21, 2008

afro samurai game

Found some screenshots of the upcoming Afro Samurai game on - some fantastic posing on these and I love the art style. Seung from last term is rumored to be working on it and doing a great job. Projects like this aren't easy to come by, so let's hope it does well and brings on a resurgence of stylized animation/art. The 'mocap' look has been in vogue the past few years, so let's hope for a change.

Just saw the trailer here.

I try not to be too hard on trailers, since it takes a while to shape up a game and they seem to showcase the idles. But love the art style and the use of cloth - I can tell the combat will be fantastic.

I posted a link to a scene from the Afro Samurai movie, which is unapologetically in the anime style. Anime is a very mixed bag for me. I enjoy it when it's well done, but am not a fan of the genre for the most part (and yes, I love Miyazake - I just find myself pretty neutral on most of what I see). I love pretty much everything about this clip (warning...violence, depaitations, etc) - from the effect lines, the play of speed and timing, the strong posing, the economy of design, the brilliant breakdown frames.... Lots to be learned from this.

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