Wednesday, April 2, 2008

crits for karen..

Quick crits, as I don't have much time today..
This really came a long way this week. I like it a lot through ' much is it'
His take afterwards feels a little extreme, and too much like a take. I think with reactions, even humorous ones, it's all about the careful with overdoing it, especially as you need to transition into the next pose set. Have him gradually get into the next pose..maybe start fussing with his hair and then turning...act this part out to make it more naturalistic...animations don't leave the blocking feel unless you can logically make the viewer feel like you're getting from one thought to another through the weight of the character.

The next part has some nice things about it, but watch the pelvis rotating over the feet in a marionette like way. It seems like he needs one good weight shift here while thinking, so pay attention to how a weight shift happens. He pops back and forth a little too quickly, and the rest of his body is posed pretty much the same. your acting with the head and hands is nice, but the subtlety is lost through the big movements. Also, he's looking away the whole time...maybe have him alter his gaze/head angle at one point.

More to come, time permitting.

Good improvement of the tire animation. On the tire, watch the knee pops and on the collapse, watch how the tire feels like you're fighting the pivot. In this case, just frame by frame it to make it feel right, but in general, the fall/settle of the tire feels off.

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