Tuesday, April 1, 2008

the jump - stylized for games

Game animation is the second class citizen to film, but it's still pretty damn hard. Jean-Denis posted a great tutorial on jumps and I thought I'd chime in with an older tutorial I wrote specifically on gameplay jumps.


clockwerkz said...

Hey Jeff,
Great blog! Just stumbled upon it, and it's filled with a lot of animation goodness. I especially love your explanation on game jump. In regards to cutting out the anticipation and developing overlap in the movement, would you say you would almost want to treat any game animation that is player controlled as one that is an external force applied to the character? In other words, a jump is actually the player pressing a button that is forcing the game char to launch up, as opposed to the char looking like he's jumping of his own will?

jeff said...

it's more like the second you press the button, you've fulfilled the idea of anticipation, so if the character doesn't move instantaneously, it feels laggy, even though the motion is 'correct'