Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ollie Johnson

Ollie Johnson just passed at 95. What an amazing career he had, as well as influence on generations of animators. Everyone do yourself a favor and read some illusion of life and celebrate the legacy he left behind.


Animator Trav said...

So that's it then... the Nine Old Men have passed. They've left an amazing legacy for us to pick up, as well a lifetime's worth of incredible work to study (not mimic, for the love of God). I recommend to all of Jeff's students to research these 9 brilliant men (and their colleagues, such as Bill Tytla or Fred Ward, who were not among the 9 but were equally influential) as much as possible. If you haven't read IOL, pick it up, because it's an amazing look into the roots of our amazing heritage.

Steve Masuda said...

wow...all of them are gone now. I agree, they sure left a legacy.