Tuesday, April 15, 2008

working off of jean-denis' twin motif

Jean-Denis has a great post on his site on the hulk poster. Having had a former career in advertising, I couldn't help but pipe in.

The theme of Jean-Denis post was about how subtleties in posing can make twinning, well, not feel like twinning. In other words. Adding subtleties allows for strong somewhat symmetrical posing.

I did a little pose analysis of this poster by looking at the angle of the shoulders, chest, hips, and knees. It's interesting in that the poses mirror each other and make a fluid line along the spine. From a design point of view, the S curve flattens out and ends up at the logo, which is where they want your eye to arrive at. By having a similar contraposto pose setup with both characters, it implies a connection between them. By having one reversed and ed norton small onscreen, it makes a direct connection between them.

What's also interesting is the fact that the head tilts are similar (though opposite) but bruce banner is closed and contained, while the hulk has his arms out in a strong, confrontational pose. (Also interesting is the hulk's gaze is downward towards the light, which also then leads the eye to the cheesy glow of the logo, connecting the foreground and background). It's interesting to see where the twinning happens. The hulk's hand poses are very similar, but by angling his shoulders down, change the sillhouette dramatically.

I'm always talking about Bug's Life in class. For a while after it came out, everyone on the planet was doing frenetic, twinned hand gestures. Take a look at Flik next time around and watch the subtle offsetting of his hands and arms as he gesticulates wildly. You can learn a lot from it, as it seems like there's a lot of twinning, but really not.


Steve Masuda said...

Yeah, I always wondered why there's so much twinning in animated movies, when I was told to avoid it like the plague! I guess there's always an exception to the "rule"

jeff said...

this might be a good subject for another post..i'll see what i can dig up.