Wednesday, April 16, 2008

'yeah, but there's lots of twinning in movies'

But is there, really? People often hold up Bug's Life as being full of twinning. It being one of my all time favorite animated movies, I took a closer look and, as always, when you take a closer look at things, found it pretty fascinating. Sometimes there is twinning in a pose, but only briefly, and rarely do the arms arrive at the same time. The twinning is also pushed into some strong variation through subtle posing and angling the characters intelligently for the camera. Sorry about the unforgivable 4:3 aspect ratio, but I thought the screenshots were pretty fascinating, as every sequence with moving holds were beautifully composed.

As a counterpoint, look up 'generi' on you tube and you'll see lots of the bad kind of twinning. This above one was the first one I found and is the perfect example of hitting everything evenly


Brent said...

I'm glad you posted something on this, because I do notice a lot of twinning in animated films. I couldn't help but notice it in Incredibles as I was watching the other day. I don't think I would have ever noticed before if it hadn't been pounded into me here at school. It's just a natural thing to do.

jeff said...

don't get me wrong. twinning isn't good (see new post). often twinning is an indicator of evenly paced animation and lackluster posing.

Steve Masuda said...

It appears with this one, the twinning looks bad because of the pacing, and timing of the entire piece.

Thanks for the post.

jeff said...

yes. when things fall apart, it's usually more than one thing