Tuesday, May 13, 2008

how i handle backups

In every semester, I hear a bajillion exuses about losing your homework, drives failing, files corrupting.

I'm sympathetic. This stuff really does happen, and more often than not, drives will fail in sequence. I hate losing work and figuring out latest versions of files, so here's a quick map of my network.

1. desktop hooked up to a router.
2. buffalo network drive hooked up to the router
3. laptop

I use a program called svn, one version found here.

What it does is allow you to make a folder and store it on either a local drive or the internet if you're fancy and can figure all that stuff out. I just keep it on my network drive, as I don't need my desktop on to use it, check out a file on my laptop, work on it a while, check it back in, and there it is. instant backup. if i'm making small changes to a file, I personally don't save a lot of revisions, but this lets me check in revisions as i go, and am able to get them back as needed.

the real low tech solution for file backup is to get an extra google account and just continuously email yourself versions of your files.

Just passing this along in case it's of help to someone.

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