Sunday, May 11, 2008



first off, good for you for kicking it old school and doing a weight exercise. I think of these like push ups...they aren't all that fun, but they make you, better at animation. well, the analogy breaks down. There is a reason animation mentor teaches with this exercise though...weight shifts are essential to making your character feel alive.

the one major issue i have with this piece is the passing poses happen when the knee is down. think of a walk. when you push off onto your leg, it allows room for your other leg to pass as the weight is off. watch the foot as you rotate. generally, it's safe to pivot on the ball of your foot, but i think this character is too low to the ground. i did a very fast sketchover mostly indicating the Y height of the ball, and where it would should be positioned over the feet. in general, you want to raise your weight, reach out to plant then let your weight fall on that foot. so hold the ball back a bit before pushing forwards. also, keep in mind momentum as well, and the speed of your one point it accellerates quickly to a hold which seems like it's a passing pose.

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Steve Masuda said...

Thanks for the crit Jeff, i will tighten it up.